Information for partners

We welcome you to become our partner. Being a partner of Molenari allows you to create business in IT and lead it to success with state of the art universal platform.

Partner types:

  • Official partner
  • Solution partner
  • Service provider
  • Regional partner
  • Localization partner
  • Affiliate partner
  • Technology partner

Partner program information

We would like to introduce you to the universal platform, which is used today in different countries to create successful business applications and also to actively develop such applications.

We welcome you to become our partner in the distribution, development and support of various products created on this platform.

Products created on the platform may be distributed both as cloud and on-premise solutions. Products developed on the platform may be used off-the-shelf. However, there is one key benefit – the possibility of flexible and rapid modification tailored to specific user requirements.

We always strive to understand and take account of the interests of our partners, not just focus on the benefits for ourselves. We have a direct interest in growing total sales through our partner network and consequently try to provide our partners with the best terms and conditions for cooperation and provide all possible manner of support.

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